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Feeding & Caring – Dogs

Feeding & Caring – Dogs2020-08-03T13:57:03-04:00

The Effect of Diet on Your Dog’s Immune System

It is now known that your dog's immune system is located primarily in its gastrointestinal tract. Disruption of the natural gut microbiome automatically disrupts immune function, which can have long lasting consequences. There are billions of microbiota that live in and on your dog. The microbiome that lives in your dog's gut is all important. It controls pathogens, supports gut health and the immune system, as well as producing vitamins and so much more. Canine health is 10% genetics and 90% environmental causes. The most common cause of an illness is an inappropriate diet.

Feeding Math

Dogs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are wildly active and some are laid back. All dogs need exercise. You have to take into account your dog’s weight, activity level and any treats you may feed your pet. The following math is just an average, common sense is the rule. The average dog should consume 2% of its ideal weight in two meals a day. If your dog is inactive or needs to lose weight Your dog’s weight x .02 x 16 (oz) (example for 10 lb dog: 10 x .02 = 0.2    0.2 x 16 = 3.2 ounces [...]

How Much Water Do Dogs Need?

Dogs love water! They can taste it better than we can. The tip of you dog’s tongue is the receptor for the taste of water. It is especially sensitive to water after a salty or sugary meal. Which may be evolution’s response to keeping a dog well hydrated! Fresh water must be available 24hrs per day. Change water more than once a day.

Obesity Related Diseases in Dogs

DO NOT OVERFEED YOUR DOG Top 10 Obesity Related Diseases in Dogs 1). Arthritis 2). Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease 3). Liver Disease 4). Low Thyroid Hormone Production 5). Torn Knee Ligaments 6). Diseased Disk in Spine 7). Diabetes 8). Chronic Kidney Disease 9). Heart Failure 10). High Blood Pressure

The Importance of Exercise

Walk your dog, play fetch, swim, or hike through the snow. All of these activities are not only good for you, but your dog benefits too. Dogs evolved while being exposed to sun, all day, every day. Sunlight on your dog’s skin and in its eyes triggers essential metabolic pathways. Dogs no longer need sun all day, an hour and a half every day (weather permitting) will have a big health impact. Exercise increases respiration, blowing our carbon dioxide, creating a more oxygenated and alkaline body. Oxygen rich is essential for the health of cells and organs. Healthy liver, pancreas, [...]

The Canine Mouth

Dogs have 42 teeth, that’s 10 more than humans. Their jaws are designed to pull meat and skin from bone and to bite and grind bone. Their jaws only move up and down (we can move our jaws side-ways too). Dogs don’t chew for long, once the food is in manageable lumps they swallow. We have enzymes in our mouths and start digestion there. Dogs do not. Canine digestive enzymes are in their pancreas and stomach. The stomach is especially acidic, far more than a human stomach.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

For many dogs, grass tastes great. It’s been part of their diet for thousands of years. Energetic, playful dogs seem to eat grass without issue. Dogs who may be sick eat grass to stimulate vomiting. And then there are dogs who just love the taste so much, the post vomiting doesn’t matter. We really don’t know why this happens. Eating grass is normal. Just make sure your dog only eats organic grass. No pesticides!

Stick Chewing

They’re good, they’re crunchy, they’re everywhere! Dogs will put pretty much anything in their mouths as they explore. Sticks are especially wonderful, firm texture, good crunch, easy to shred, and if you’re lucky someone will throw it and start a game of catch. Chewing strengthens their jaws. Though the urge to hunt has really diminished, dogs still like to keep their jaws strong. And sticks taste good, a musky, earthy taste that most dogs love. To keep your dog safe, clear your yard of any fruit tree branches, and check out what other trees you may have toxins that can [...]

Orion – A Constellation’s History

Dogs have been man’s companion for about 35,000 years. Long enough for us to give them their own constellation sometimes before the second century, Canis Major. This constellation includes Sirius or the dog star, the brightest star in our night sky. The ancient Roman astronomer, Claudius Ptolemy included it in his 48 constellations. In Greek myth Orion, a hunter, is followed by his dogs Canis Major and Minor. These dogs still follow Orion (most commonly identified constellation) in the sky.

TRIPE? Dogs Naurally Magazine says it Best!

Tripe:  the magical mystery meat that dogs crave and humans fear!  Tripe seems to be the line in the sand drawn between beginning raw feeders and the ‘been there, done that’ old pros. If you are among the uninitiated, then you will find feeding tripe to be a real treat (as will your dog). Not only will tripe provide immense health benefits for your dog, it will catapult you to the rank of seasoned raw feeder, just one rung below raw feeders who scoop road kill off the road and tote it home in their trunk to proudly offer as a [...]

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