The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Sherry Ralph, the founder of State of Nature, grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley eating food from her mother’s small farm. The one-acre plot grew enough vegetables and fruit to feed a family of six for an entire year. Taking advantage of the woods that still stand a few feet from the front door, they hunted for their meat, eating what was found naturally.

In 1997, Sherry began breeding working line German Shepherds under the name Vom Rubin Kennels. In order to keep her dogs in optimum condition, Sherry developed a raw recipe based on the BARF diet (an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). With extensive knowledge of canine biology, a degree in Environmental Biology, and thousands of hours spent with dogs, Sherry knew the direction she wanted to go. Working with a holistic vet, she developed the perfect recipe. Buyers of Vom Rubin puppies were impressed by the condition of Sherry’s dogs so she began including a case of food with each puppy sold. Eventually, Sherry realized this beneficial food-only diet shouldn’t just feed her own dogs and puppies. Every dog and cat can benefit from a tailored raw diet.

In 2011, Sherry, with the help of her husband Tim, founded State of Nature. Today the kitchen stands on part of Sherry’s mother’s farm and continues to be surrounded by dogs, horses, and cats. Our raw food blends and single-ingredient treats are based on a zero-waste, whole foods philosophy learned through a lifetime on one small farm.

State of Nature incorporates everything we now know about canine and feline health. Exceptionally nutritious, limited ingredients, locally sourced from small farmers, and tailored to the natural digestion of dogs and cats. It is the perfect food for your pet.

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