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Feeding & Caring – Cats

Feeding & Caring – Cats2020-07-07T12:19:43-04:00

Feeding Guide for Cats

Cats need more protein than any other mammal on earth Cats can taste bitter but not sweet. They are known as “obligate carnivores” lacking the enzymes to properly digest vegetable matter. They can get finicky if you feed them the same thing every single day. And they can become obese if overfed or too sedate. Many cats prefer their food warm. If the burgers are still cool after thawing, just mix in a little warm water. But let’s start with the obvious…how much raw food do I feed my cat? There’s math involved…. It’s easy. Cats come in many shapes and sizes. Some are wildly active and some prefer resting on a soft pillow or in a ray of sunshine…all [...]

What Can a Cat Taste?

Bitter: Cats use the bitter receptors on their tongues to detect infection. One of the reasons why they are finicky eaters. Cats eat a varied diet in the wild and this map help them avoid eating something rotten. Highly processed food is not normal cats. They may detect bitter in processed food. Sweet: Cats cannot detect the taste sweet at all. However, they can taste ATP (adenosine triphosphate). What? That’s an energy rich molecule found in every cell. ATP harnesses sugar and turns it into energy where it is needed, in muscle meat, for example.

The Hunting Instinct

So far, we’ve discovered cats became home companions about 9500 years ago. 9500 years is a long time but not long enough for cats to shed their hunting instinct. Nearly all kitten play is hunting exercises. Cats are genetically predisposed to express their needs and hunting is still very much a part of your pet. If your cat shows signs of anxiety, like sleeping all the time or not using the litter box, or waking you up at odd hours, or aggression towards you, other people or cats, there is one way of easing all that. When cats can engage in natural hunter feeding most anxious behavior disappears. Don’t worry, you don’t need mice running all over your home. Instead, [...]

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