They’re good, they’re crunchy, they’re everywhere! Dogs will put pretty much anything in their mouths as they explore. Sticks are especially wonderful, firm texture, good crunch, easy to shred, and if you’re lucky someone will throw it and start a game of catch. Chewing strengthens their jaws. Though the urge to hunt has really diminished, dogs still like to keep their jaws strong. And sticks taste good, a musky, earthy taste that most dogs love.

To keep your dog safe, clear your yard of any fruit tree branches, and check out what other trees you may have toxins that can make your dog sick. Limit the size of the stick. Make sure they are way too big to fit into your dog’s mouth. Watch out for small shredded pieces from large sticks. You’ll want to clean those up right away. Make sure your dog is not a swallower. It can be very dangerous to swallow sticks, as you can imagine.