Safe Handling Instructions


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State of Nature Raw produces its food with stringent attention to careful handling. Our food is assembled and produced in a climate controlled kitchen facility and immediately frozen, just a few short hours after our ingredients arrive. Like any natural raw food, whether for human or animal consumption, proper handling is essential. When handling any raw meat product use good hygiene.

Keep products refrigerated or frozen as directed. Use separate bowls for your pet’s food and water. Clean both bowls frequently with soap and water. Always remember to wash your hands.

Our packages are easy to use.

Follow these simple instructions to keep you and your pet safe and healthy.

Keep all our raw food products frozen until you are ready to use them.

Remove package from freezer. You can thaw it by leaving it  in the refrigerator overnight or immerse the package in warm water until thawed.

Open the package using the zip lock top.



Remove the food by tipping the package over or using a clean spoon or other utensil.

Do not touch the food. Pathogens are easily passed to the raw food. It is safer to handle the raw food as little as possible.

(We handle our ingredients only once during processing).

If using the whole package, empty the food directly into your clean pet food bowl.

If using a portion of the raw food, empty the food into a food storage container.

Spoon the desired amount into your clean pet food bowl.





For leftovers, seal the food storage container and place it in your refrigerator.

Our food is good in your fridge up to 72 hours after thawing.







Once your pet has finished eating clean the bowl using soapy water, or clean in your dishwasher.

If after 30 minutes your pet does not eat all the food, discard the food and clean the bowl.






We ask that you rinse the empty plastic package and recycle.





Keep children away from raw food.


Not for human consumption.