Meet Our Dog Team


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Here at State of Nature Raw we live with seven German Shepherds. We consider them our team. They are fed our raw food straight from the grinder. Whatever dog food we are making is what they eat. Twice a day for the length of their lives. Needless to say, they are all healthy and full of life.

Meet Our Team Members (pets, fans, comedians and comforters)




This is Paco. He is four years old. Born and raised here at State of Nature Raw, he is a dog with an extraordinary joy for life. A big goofy guy who is also a well trained narcotics detection scent hound. Though his primary goal in life is to play, play, play. (Don’t tell anyone, but he’s a favorite).






Bo aka Bo-Stein



Does he look goofy? He is. Born here on June 19, 2014, Bo is our teenager. He’s lovable, really good looking and gets into as much trouble as he can. Some recent mishaps: his tooth was stuck in a seltzer can while scary seltzer sprayed his face. The vacuum cleaner sucked up his tongue. He can’t seem to get on the couch without falling off (gratefully). That’s just for starts. He’ll sit on your lap (he’s huge) and chase a tiny piece of paper forever. Bo is charming as the day is long. We can’t wait for his brain to fully develop.









Pauline is our baby mama. She’s an excellent mother. Smart, patient and very attentive. Bo (above) is her son. (There’s really no accounting for genetics). Pauline came to us from Germany when she was three. She’s six now and spends most of her time collecting every single toy on the property and storing them in her kennel. If she’s outside, there is a toy in her mouth. You try getting it out. On September 24th 2015 Pauline gave birth to seven adorable puppies!








This is one of our favorite stories. Dolf came to us from the Netherlands at four years old. He’s six now. He’d been KNVP trained. That’s a tough and serious police dog training. It took a while for Dolf to calm down. It has been ingrained in him to be aggressive and on the move. Now, after two years of socializing with us you couldn’t ask for a sweeter happier dog. His days are filled with fun and affection. His pal is Pauline our sweet baby mama. That says a lot right there. Dolf has already greeted Pauline’s puppies, putting his big nose right into a puppy pile. No doubt he’ll be a favorite playmate when they are old enough.






Bear is our elder statesmen.  Bear is eleven years old, born and raised at State of Nature Raw. Bear sends most of his time hoping someone will toss a tasty morsel from the table. A good belly rub is always welcome!








Fuzz is by far the biggest. Born and raised at State of Nature Raw, he’s eight now. He’s also the size of a table. He loves having his back scratched and is a big believer in rules. Keepin’ an eye on Bo…







Pie and Freya



Pie lives with partners David and Claudia. She was adopted from North Shore Animal League four years ago. Pure hound mix, she lives by her nose while getting into everyone’s business.

Pie now lives with Freya one of Pauline’s most recent puppies. The image left captures her personality exactly. Funny, sweet and goofy. Freya is growing fast with each nap. Loyal and smart she is learning the joys of life and sharing them as often as she can!