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State of Nature Raw was founded by dog breeder Sherry Ralph and her husband Tim. After more than 15 years of breeding working German Shepherds, Sherry’s raw food recipe is getting a lot of attention.

Sherry’s dogs can be found in police departments and fire departments across the country. They are part of our military and they are search and rescue dogs. Some are simply beloved pets. (www.vomrubinkennels.com)

In order to keep her dogs in optimum condition, Sherry developed a raw recipe base on the BARF diet (an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food). With an extensive knowledge of canine biology, she knew the direction she wanted to go. Guidance came from her holistic vet and a perfect recipe was developed. Soon people purchasing one of her puppies were asking what she fed her dogs, which led to a free case of her raw dog food with each puppy sold.

With the indispensable contributions of her husband Tim Ralph a small business began to grow. Tim reached out to local sources for the best ingredients. Today, State of Nature Raw has a comprehensive group of local sources with a long standing relationship with Tim directly.

Sherry’s Vom Rubin Kennels and the State of Nature Raw kitchen occupy the same rolling nine acres in the heart of the Hudson Valley. They share it with two horses, Avi and Luna.

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